Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's raining, it's pouring . . . .

Saturday, hubs and I got up fairly early and headed out the door to Tupelo, OK to the Annual Amish Auction.

The Amish in this area raise money for their school by having an auction and selling their awesome food, furniture, buggies, animals and much more. There are other vendors there as well.

We anticipated a nice day in spite of the forecast for possible rain. Just as we got to the home stretch toward the auction, it started raining.

A little later the traffic began to slow down and eventually came to a complete stop. As we came closer to our turn, we saw the reason. A traffic jam . . . . on a DIRT road!

Here's a shot of the traffic behind us! I have never seen so much traffic on a DIRT road.

Finally we got through the gate and found a parking place. My camera could not capture the the sea of cars!

There were several large tents with vendor's booths. There was so much to choose from: Home Decor, Autumn, Christmas, Halloween items, jewelry, purses, candles, hair accessories, western theme items, country items, food of all kinds and even hermit crabs.

Yes, the Amish were very visible. These ladies were checking out the hermit crabs. The children were adorable in their Amish attire.

I wanted to take more pics but my hands were full with a camera and a very wet umbrella. Can your spell D-r-o-w-n-e- d R-a-t?

Hubs decided that he didn't want to follow me around shopping so he decided to head out to the auctions. Yes, there was more than one (how I wish I would have know that at the beginning). We did the stupid thing and did not set a time and place to meet. Mistake #1!

Mistake #2: I had forgotten to charge my cell phone :)

After doing some shopping, I decided to go to the auction tent to look for hubs. I searched in different places for about an hour. I asked myself, "where would a phlegmatic hang out in this weather?" I guess I don't know where a phlegmatic would have been because he wasn't in any of the places I looked so I decided to check the car.

Not there, either.

I got in the car and began reading a book while waiting to see if he would show.

No sight of him!

Back to the auction tent. Still couldn't find him. It finally stopped raining so I started searching in areas that I hadn't even seen while tromping around in the rain.

Guess what I discovered?

There were a least 4 auction tents.! NO WONDER I couldn't find him. I looked for the buggies thinking surely he would be there.


As I started up the hill, I heard my name paged. Then I looked up and saw him with a BIG smile on his face. We started laughing and shared our adventure of looking for each other. -- in the rain! He had started looking for me about the time I went to the car!!! I guess my secret ambition of becoming a PI just went down the ditch with all the rain. ;)

We ate a yummy lunch of Amish chicken and noodles before heading home. On the trip back, it began raining again! We were in for even more rain as hurricane Ike whirled passed our area.

This Saturday we will be going to another one near Tulsa. There will be buggy races at this one and hopefully NO RAIN!



Anonymous said...

Wow, an Amish festival? I didn't know the Amish were anywhere but in the northeast. That's pretty cool!

Esthermay Bentley-Goossen said...

Sherry: This is interesting. We visited Shipshawana, IN this past summer and found the commercialism and free-enterprise system among the Amish to be mind blowing when you consider their conservative and fundamental lifestyle otherwise.

I guess when the world chooses to "gawk," you might as well make the best of it. The fruit of their labor is remarkable and beautiful. Why not? I'd rather have a handmade towel/washcloth combo in my kitchen than something made in China that I picked up in a rush at the WalMart. God Bless the AMISH in America.

If only all "Christians" could do so well at being "in the world" & "not of the world."

...And yes I can spell D-R-O-W-N-E-D R-A-T. I live in SE Minnesota and have survived two 100-year floods.


valerie said...

I've always heard the Amish CAN cook and would love to taste for myself one of these days.

Wow, did it ever rain on Sat.
We were supposed to fish with several couples that afternoon and then have a fish fry. Thankfully we already had fish in the freezer that we had thawed the night before. It came a down pour just before I got out to the home we where we were meeting.

Hasn't the weather been lovely the past few days though?

If I don't talk to you again before Sat. have fun!

Oh yeah, I tagged you to tell how you met and fell in love with your husband. Just do it if you have time and want to.


annie's eyes said...

Everything but getting separated really sounds like fun. Hope you enjoy your day tomorrow sans rain! Especially with the cooler weather. Love, Annette