Monday, September 29, 2008

Don't Give Up On Me!

Hi everyone! I haven't left the country . . . . yet. I have been running around like a . . . . chicken with her head cut off. (Have you every seen a chicken do that? Me neither.)

Anyway, I have been busy doing this:

PACKING, AND PACKING AND ELIMINATING ITEMS AND ADDING ITEMS. Shopping, shopping. Working, and working and getting everything done ahead. Whew I need a vacation for sure. That's right, we are getting ready to leave for a long awaited vacation.
(Am I the only one whose husband DOESN'T pack his stuff? Wouldn't it be nice to have a wife to do things for you?)

May house gets messy while I pack. Can't you tell!




I just love this evening bag. It has a beaded handle, too.

This is the one I use the most. It pretty much goes with everything!

I will try to leave a day-by-day itinerary before I leave and then you will know where I'm going;)



annie's eyes said...

Oh, have a wonderful time!! I know how it is when you're trying to get everything done, and that wonderful moment usually sitting on the plane, when I think, "well, if I did forget something, I can't do anything about it now!" I actually relax with that thought. I hope you are living it up, enjoying every minute. My husband learned to pack a long time ago as he travels so much. It would be a nightmare to get him together too. Weighing suitcases, argh! So much to think about now. Have fun. Love, Annette

Bethany@MyLifeinBlack&White said...

Wow, judging by your wardrobe and accessories, that looks like quite a trip! Where are you going?

Esthermay Bentley-Goossen said...

Wow! Passports! Where in the world are you going??

. . .and here's the deep, reflective part of my comment:
Where did you get that gorgeous headboard? ... haven't seen anything like that at WalMart!

valerie said...

Oh Sherry, I'd so hoped I'd get to say goodbye before you left.
I know you've been going crazy.
I will keep you and your husband in my prayers each day. I'm praying for relaxation, protection, peace & provision & favor from God.
You both deserve this time. ENJOY!
Please write me just as soon as you can.

Beth said...

ooooo! tons of fun!!