Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wee Ones

Yesterday, in fact, every Wednesday, I have a full day with my wee ones. I spend the day with my two sweet grandchildren ages 4 years and 4 months. Then each Wednesday night I spend time in the toddler class at church. What an opportunity I have to put something positive into their little hearts and minds!

Last week one of the little girls had a minor tummy ache and didn't want to finish her coloring so she went and sat in the rocking chair. One of the little boys wanted to know why she did that so I told him. He then turned to the little girl and said, "When I get home, my mom and I will pray for you!" He just turned 4!

Isn't that just precious! He is such a SWEETHEART!

His mother is our music pastor and she and her husband are doing a wonderful job of instilling Godly principles in him. If all parents were as diligent as these two parents, how different our schools would be! How much better our world would become!

On the flip side, there is a sweet couple in our church who have a grandson that is very difficult to have in the class. (He only comes occasionally when they have him.) He is loud, very, very rough and extremely active. He hurts others and himself. In fact he is missing a tooth b/c of rough play with a truck at day care. The other children do not like having him around -- they say he is mean.

He was in class last night. Of course . . . we had a special project to do! (Indian headband w/ feather). This child makes everything more difficult, but we made it through the evening. I feel so sorry for the grandparents. They try hard to instill the good things in him (when they have him) but his mother does the opposite. His father is in the military and I'm not so sure about his parenting skills. The little one's parents have never been married and the home life is very unstable - obviously. He doesn't talk (as far as I can tell) and only makes eye contact when he chooses, which is rare. He just doesn't respond to things the way he should. He really needs some professional help, and after an evening with him -- so do I:)

One thing for sure, God knows what's in his little head and heart. He's a beautiful little boy on the outside, but his actions and the turmoil on the inside are heartbreaking. I pray that God will provide for him -- soon!

Christ loved children, and He enjoyed having them around Him. Wouldn't you have loved to have been there and listened to their conversations with the King of all ages? It breaks my heart . . . and makes me angry when the wee ones are mistreated, harmed and yes, killed. There is too much of this happening every single day! So much could be said about this but I know that we are all aware of the travesties of child abuse and murder by abortion or other means.

We have had two precious little girls 2 and 5, who were murderd in our small town. The 5 year old was murdered by her father; he is in prison for life. No one has been convicted of the murder of the 2 year old angel. The stepfather and mother of the wee one are both in prison: he for abuse and she for "should have known". All of those who bring harm to a child will have much to answer for when they stand before God!

"God, bless the wee ones. Guard their little hearts and minds and keep them safe from harm."



TCKK said...

Child abuse is a terrible thing. I can't believe someone would willingly want to hurt a little child.

But I loved your story about the little boy that told he little girl that he would pray for her. How sweet is that!

Grammy and Olivia said...

Harming children is one of the things that I simply cannot understand and get the most upset over. Unfortunatley, I think the ones who are harmed the most, long term are the ones like your challenging little guy who live with dysfunction day after day. It makes my heart hurt for them. Thank God for grandparents and sweet teachers like you who can try to love him through it.