Friday, November 14, 2008

Last Day!

Today is the last day to enter the

Shoe Are You?"

book give-away!

The author is Lori Randall (pictured left). She is the 2002 Mrs. Oklahoma United States
2005 Mrs. Christian World
and a personal friend.

Lori has done an excellent job with her book. She shares scripture and detailed information about the God-given personality traits, the strengths and weaknesses. Not only does she give us insight into our strengths and weaknesses but she goes beyond that in giving insight into how to deal with other people and their personalities. Understanding and knowledge go a long way in aiding us to achieve harmony in our marriages, with our children, in friendships and in the workplace.

Instead of using the traditional names for the personalities, she changed them to make them more visual and easier to remember.

Sanguine: CLOWN SHOE
Phlegmatic: HOUSE SHOE

To enter, simply leave a comment and the winner will be announced tomorrow, Saturday, November 15.

So far there are 12 of you who have entered!

You can check out Lori's website by clicking the "What Shoe Are You?" button on the right.

Come back tomorrow and learn who the winner is.

This is fun :) !!


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valerie said...

I'll be checkin'!!

P.S. We need to get together soon for dinner.