Monday, November 17, 2008

Scrub board, earaches & Christmas lights

From the title of my post you just my suspect that I had a wee bit of an unusual day and I kinda did.

My washing machine wasn't working properly so, last Monday (a week ago) I had a repairman come out to check it over. The diagnosis? It needed a new timer. So he ordered it and told me I could continue using the same cycles and he would order the new part. Good! I had five loads of laundry left to do so I began as soon as he left.

I will bullet most of this so it won't be so wordy. After repairman left:
  • Washer completely quit on load #1
  • Now I have 1 load of wet soapy clothes
  • 4 loads of dirty clothes
  • Call daughter-in-law for "HELP!"
  • Laundry all finished
One week has now passed. Waiting to hear from repairman. This morning I had a some things to wash so I got out my little lingerie scrub board and began washing a few things in the sink. The weather was so beautiful - a perfect day to hang a clothes outside (I have a retractable clothesline on the patio - just love it). (I don't love Laundromats.)

9:30 a.m. My daughter-in-law called:
  • Baby has a well-baby check at 11:00 a.m.
  • 4 year old up until 3:30 a.m. with earache
  • DIL needs my "HELP" with the doctor visit
  • Baby "perfect" - of course he is!
  • 4 year old had 2 infected ears! No wonder she couldn't sleep
  • Picked up her prescription
  • Headed home
  • Repair calls and says he will be here to fix washer this afternoon - Hallelujah!
  • Hubs began putting up Christmas lights - perfect weather for it
  • Helped him check for bad bulbs
  • Repairman an hour late
  • Washer fix - Yahoo!
  • It costed a few dollars less that he had estimated!
  • Put a load in to wash - it works!
  • Made hot chocolate mix
  • Made potato soup for dinner
This day was not exactly how I had planned it but I am so thankful that there were only simple, minor interruptions. No tragedies or heartaches -- just earaches. God is SO GOOD!

Have a nice evening with your families!


valerie said...

Whew....I'm worn out just reading about your day.

I would rather almost any of my appliances break than my washer and dryer. I do not like the laundry mat either.

I know your DIL is thrilled to have you to help her out. Those ear aches hurt so much. I remember when my kids used to get them. Pool little thing!

I want Christmas lights so bad but my hubby doesn't seem to think we need them. I'll keep talking about it and maybe he'll give in. ;)

TCKK said...

Sounds like it was a full day for you. Hope your grandchild's ears are better. Earaches are no fun.