Sunday, November 9, 2008

For all Christians in the Military

It's so inspiring to see the Christian men and women of our military making a way to worship God whether it be in a military chapel, in the humblest of "homemade" settings or simply surrounded by the beauty of creation. God bless them for their faithfulness!

We may be feeling uneasy about the USA right now since we are so uncertain about the real President Elect Obama, but as the video will tell us, we must keep our eyes of Jesus!



Beth said...

Thank you sherry, I cried all the way thru this. it is so beautiful.

valerie said...

I love this song! It's so true...we need to take Him at His Word. He is our Savior and He is in control.

At church today our song leader had the men and women stand who have fought in the different wars. I sure was tempted to pull out my camera because it was so touching to see mostly older men all over the building standing. It makes me get teary eyed every year. Then we sang Battle Hymn of the Republic.