Saturday, November 8, 2008

Finally Movtivated

We Americans are the most blessed people in the world! After spending time in Egypt, Africa, Mexico & Columbia, I came to the conclusion that even our very poorest have it so much better than the average person in the third world countries. ( Third world countries . . . I've often wondered . . . who are the second world countries . . . just wondering;)

Anyway, we are such a blessed people that we find it necessary to rent storage units to house all of our stuff. Isn't that pathetic? I must admit I am almost one of those "blessed people" but . . . I refuse to rent a storage unit.

So . . . for the past two weeks, I've finally been motivated to dive into the WHOLE house (which includes the garage and the attic -- Yeah, I know . . . . the superwoman syndrome). This will take a while because I am doing this as I find the spare time and with taking some Fridays off. I have become motivated to sort, store, give away and trash items that are no longer of use to me. I am so tired being surrounded by clutter -- even if it is organized.

I've been making decisions as to what items I really need to keep. I have purchased some dish and stemware boxes from the U-haul store so that I can store some of my Mom's crystal that will be given to my granddaughter when she is older.

The Salvation Army has received a car load all ready. I have another "pile" ready to take next week. I have kitchen cabinets full of dishes, platters, appliances and other things that I will be doing away with which will give me better organized space in the cabinets.

Next, I have hired a lady to help me wash walls and do a Fall cleaning. Fours hands can do a swifter job than two! :) I may retain her twice a month to help me out since my schedule (of life) is so hectic!

I know there are several bloggers out there who have been doing the same thing (well, maybe not the garage and attic). So . . . how about you? Have you been doing some extra cleaning as you prepare for Thanksgiving? If so, got any good, time saving tips?

Now I must go and put some lotion on my poor hands. (I really, really, dislike wearing gloves.)

(Oh, be watching. Next week I will start the give-away for Lori's book, "What Shoe Are You?" I'm so sorry if you wanted to comment on that post and were not able. I don't know what happened but it was not enabled. But . . I have fixed it! I will make sure that the give-away post doesn't have that problem.)


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Grammy and Olivia said...

Oh my this is appropriate for me at the moment. I decided to reorganize and clean out a huge shelving unit in my craft room and the whole riduculous pile of stuff is in the center of my floor waiting to be purged and put away. I know...what am I doing on the computer with all the mess at my feet...heading back there as we speak. I am normally a very neat, organized person, but at this moment, this room makes me feel like one of those people who get put on Oprah for their illness and much too overindulged with stuff I will never use. Off to see what I can donate or throw away!