Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pop at "Pops"

After church today, Hubs took me to lunch at a very unusual place that is fairly new to our area. It's called "Pops".

There are several of them around the country. The one we went to today is located in Arcadia, OK. It's a gas station with glass walls lined with old style bottles of soda. There is a restaurant and gift shop inside. They have all the old soda flavors in the old bottles for sale. Not only are they bottled in the old bottles, they are made by the old recipes such as using Imperial sugar, cane sugar, etc.. The place was packed with people coming and going the whole time we were there. We had to wait about 30 minutes for a table for 2. Most of the customers were young families.

There is a 66 foot soda bottle with a straw (like in the first pic) in front of the building -- their landmark. Pops is located on old Route 66. (Hence, the 66' bottle?)

Friday, Hubs stopped in and bought me a Pepsi.
As you can see, I've already devoured it :)

Here's what we bought today.
They give you these cartons for free.
(Free?? This carton on 6 sodas costs $12.95!)
They also have some very nice wooden crates (cases) for sale priced at $10 and $15.

We each chose three that we wanted to try.

Here's a close up of one made with cane sugar.

I looked for a brand called "Double Cola" but didn't find it. When I was a kid, it was a huge 16 oz. cola! I remember my Dad telling me that one time he told my brother (when he was a small boy) that he would buy him all the soda he could drink. Well, my brother chose the 16 oz. Double Cola first and that was a much as he could hold! My Dad got off cheep that day :)

It was a nice change of pace. It was a beautiful day for a Sunday drive! Thanks, honey!

I hope you had a wonderful Lord's day, too.



TCKK said...

That sounds like such a fun place to go. Wish we had one around here. I noticed the orange Nehi. If I remember didn't Radar O'Reilly on M.A.S.H. always drink grape Nehi. Don't know why I remember that. Strange. lol

So glad you had a great day!

valerie said...

My kids have been there and another blogging friend posted about Pops recently. I've been wanting to go for a while now. The pictures look so cool of that big pop bottle outside. I'll have to see if my hubby will take me there one day soon.

That was sweet of your husband to take you there for lunch. It was a beautiful day today.

Have a good week Sherry.

annie's eyes said...

I haven't heard of those. Sounds like such a delightful day though, and real Cokes from a bottle--can't get any better than that! Glad your Lord's Day was filled with joy and fun. Love, AnnetteG