Thursday, January 22, 2009

The January Abyss

Have you ever had a project(s) that just made you feel, while you are in the throes of it, as though you have fallen off into an abyss of work? Well, that's where I've been for the passed three weeks. Not only have I had the year-end reports, taxes, filing, boxing, financial statements, etc., I also get extra projects assigned to me such as booklets to design, collate and bind. :( I'm almost finished with the extra things then I will catch up on the routine things that have not been a priority. The wonderful thing? February is almost here! :) And . . . Bible study starts for our ladies on February 2.

Oh, the January Abyss! I'm soaring my way back to the surface for a big breath of fresh "air".
Praise you, Jesus!



TCKK said...

Glad you're about to climb out of the abyss!
What Bible Study are you doing? I have to wait until March 3 for ours to start.

Sherry said...

We are doing Beth Moore's "Daniel: Lives of Integrity and Words of Prophecy". I did this one 2 years ago, but our ladies have not been though it. I am looking forward to reviewing it again.

Next time, we want to do her newest one, "Esther". I think it has a link of some sort to Daniel.

I understand that she is now working on one entitled "The Inheritance".

valerie said...

Take care of yourself.
Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

Beth said...

I love a sense of accomplishment after tackling a big project or list of things to do! welcome back out of the abyss!

Lois Lane II said...

I totally understand how you feel. I'm filling out forms to apply to a graduate school I've never even seen, and it just seems so foreign and such a big deal to me, even though it's probably not as big of a headache as I'm making it to be. =)

P.S. Our church just started an Esther study by Beth Moore. I'm sooo excited. I missed the first one because I was sick, but hopefully I'll make it to the next one!!

annie's eyes said...

So thankful you're starting to feel the light again. I know that sinking feeling overwhelmed with too much to do. Daniel is a great study to address that very subject! Love, Annette

Sherry said...

The cool thing is that I've already done the Daniel Bible Study, so the pressure of homework is off. I will review and research further.

Today I decided that we will be doing Monday nights AND Thursday mornings in order to allow for schedule conflicts. I am so thrilled about the interest and desire our ladies have for the Word!