Wednesday, January 14, 2009

All in a day

Today has been a little different for me. Our granddaughter was sick throughout the night so her little brother came to play with Grammie all by himself. He will be going to church with us tonight then I will take him home after church.

Also, our Music Pastor had all four of her wisdom teeth removed yesterday, so I will be helping with praise and worship by playing piano instead of in the toddler room. Due to others being ill, and unable to find a replacement for myself, we have actually closed the toddler room for tonight.

So, really, this has been a relaxing day -- just hanging out with the little mister! I had forgotten what it was like to only have one little baby to care for. Right now (he's not yet crawling), it's a breeze!



TCKK said...

He's so cute! I hope you had a grand time together.

TCKK said...

You've been tagged this morning!

E said...

I followed TCKK's link over to your blog and just had to say that I absolutely LOVE your background. It's ADORABLE!!! =0)

Happy Tagging!

Jessica said...

What a precious grandbaby!!!!