Sunday, August 23, 2009

Don't give up!

Hi there!

For the three or four of you who have been visiting my blog this summer -- don't give up on me. I'm still around. This has been such an unusual summer and blogging has had to be put on the back burner.

We are preparing to go on vacation and I plan on leaving posts so that you can "come along" with me again this year. I have one week to do this so . . . I'd better "light a fire" under me and get it done :) I just about have everything at the office completed. My house looks like an explosion in a chinese laundry -- no joke -- however the clothing (Hub's) is folded -- for the most part.

These pictures show what I mean:

I am doing hubs first, then I will work on mine. We will be in a cool climate so we will need to layer clothing and still keep it all within the airline's weight limit -- that's difficult for me.

I even have some of his clothing hanging on the kitchen cabinets!

You may be wondering why the clothes are all over the house and not just in the bedroom -- well the parsonage is small and the bedroom is covered with partially packed suitcases, too.

Traveling is fun, but I am always so releaved whenever the packing is complete and the suitcases are closed!

How has your summer been? I hope that the majority of you have had a restful and fun summer. Did you get to take a vacation yet? If so, where did you go?

Till later,


Carol said...

Since we haven't had a vacation this summer I'll have to enjoy reading all about yours! We hope to make it to Branson in the fall. Have a wonderful trip!


Sherry said...


I just love Branson! We try to go a couple times a year - short trips usually. We hope to take our grand daughter to Silver Dollar City during Fall break.

TCKK said...

We took a very short trip up to Cedar Point Amusement Park for the girls and then we went to Pigeon Forge, TN for a few days. Loved both trips. Hope you have a great trip. Looking forward to hearing about it.!!! Be Safe