Friday, May 8, 2009

Who will win?

It has been raining several days a week for over month. So much so that the story of Noah been on my mind a lot lately!

Do you know what comes with monsoon-type rains?


Little ants that think they can just dance their way into your house and set up camp!

We had an infestation of them last week. They must have been dancing ants b/c they moved in under the sub-woofer! I could not believe my eyes! After freaking out for a moment, I got the ant spray and vacuum cleaner and went in for the attack! (Once again, I did not get pictures of the battle scene - I was too busy.)

I sprayed to stop the "movement", then I vacuumed them up, emptied the vac into a bag, tied the bag and put it in the trash outside. I went back and did a thorough spray in several rooms and hubs later sprayed outside and in again.

I am proud to say, WE'VE WON this battle and hopefully the war for 2009! I haven't seen any rainbows yet, but hopefully one will show up soon.



Misty said...

Woo-hoo! I'm glad you've been victorious - we are still struggling with those nasty little buggers!

Have a Happy Mother's Day! :o)

valerie said...

We've had ants too! Danny says it's because of all the rain, but we've never had ants before! We haven't had them as bad as you and Misty, but every day I see some.
Dan sprayed Wed. all around the outside of the house and we've sprayed the inside and I've bought those little trap things. I don't like any varment that's supposed to be outside....inside.

Thanks for the sweet comment about my house. I would love to come to your house anytime. You just let me know. Maybe in the summer when/if things ever settle down.

Happy Mother's Day!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

I am glad you have conquered the ants. My friend Misty has been battling them too. Better than snakes - which is what we've had!!

I love another pastor's wife! I bet we could all share some stories.

Have a great mother's day.


TCKK said...

Yep, we've already had to start the battle this year too!!! Ughhh

MiMi said...

We've been experiencing the same thing! Annoying little things, aren't they?

Glad you won the battle!

Lois Lane II said...

I am so sick of ants!! They keep invading our yard!!

Happy Mother's Day!!