Sunday, May 24, 2009

. . . Sigh . . . .

I have had the most incredible three days! I have had my grandchildren since Thursday night and they left around 7:00 p.m. tonight. I do admit that I am tired from keeping up a pace (around the clock) that I'm not used to, but overall it was awesome! They are such good kids -- ages 5 yrs. and 11 months. In fact, adorable!

Their Mommy and Daddy took a few days to get away for my DIL's birthday. They so needed and deserved a break just for themselves. And Grammie and PaPa? They were so thrilled to have them.

My BIL jokingly said that after having his three grandchildren for a few days, that the best part was seeing the taillights as they drove away. NOT TRUE! After my little ones left I missed them! (Note: I keep them every Wednesday and they only live 2 1/2 miles away. I know - - I'm pitiful!)

As my brother once said. "If you don't have grandchildren, you need to get some - they are GRAND! " :)



Keetha said...

Sherry - - - I agree with EVERY word you said about grandchildren. EVERY word.

We kept ours a few months ago so our daughter and her hubby could go to their church's married couples retreat. We only had them over two nights. By Sunday morning as I was valiantly trying to get them ready to take to church - - - I'd already given up on the SS idea - - - I kept thinking, "how did I used to do this with 4???"

Hubby was, of course, "helping" by lounging on the couch and playing with the gran that I wasn't immediately "working on" to bath or clothe. He looked at me at one point and said, "We don't have to go today you know." I said, "But young parents do this every Sunday." He said, "Yah, be we're OLD."

That was all it took - - - I must confess I gave up the frantic race to get them ready and we relaxed and just enjoyed them until their parents came to whisk them away to their "real" lives.

So, there's the confession of THIS grandma - - - whom those darlin' grans call "Kamma"

Sherry said...

Thanks, Keetha, for your comment. I, too, felt out of touch with the real child rearing routine.

We did make it to Sunday School, but only b/c I planned way ahead (started Saturday afternoon). I laid out the clothes needed all the way through Sunday Night, did their baths, shampooed hair, packed the diaper bag (with notes for things in the fridge), set my things out, etc all before bedtime. I rose early and showered and dressed before the little ones woke up. Thinking ahead aided Sunday morning in going smoothly *sigh*. Also, both of the kids are morning people!

I teach a class and have to be there early. We were 20 minutes later than my normal arrival but still early. I have a class that is teacher/video driven. So, I made sure that a video would be scheduled for this particular Sunday.

Hubs was not feeling well the entire weekend (Ugh!) so the baby went to class with me (no nursery attendant yesterday). He was a little charmer giving everyone "sweet eyes" while I opened, led the class in discussion then closed.

To be honest, I took a nice nap after they went home. I missed Sunday PM service due to their parents arrival time. Wow, some quiet time ALONE. It's very rare for me to have the luxury of solitude -- except in the car.

I must confess that I was kind of glad their parents were coming when they did b/c the thought of getting them ready for church again was exhausting! :)

I only had 1 child and you had 4?!!

valerie said...

I think it's great you son and DIL got to get away.
That was so nice of you and Charles to keep the kids.
I'm glad it was enjoyable and glad all went well.
Sounds like y'all had a very fun time.