Friday, July 18, 2008

Good Reports on Emmie!

The following is an email I received from Emmie's Great Grandmother:

"How can we begin to tell you what a blessing each of you are. Your faithful prayers and your emails have meant so much. Emmie is doing good! She has had multiple tests to verify how she is doing. Her MRI report on her brain yesterday reported 'NO ABNORMALITIES'. Her bili-ruben is coming down slowly, but it is coming down. Praise God!

The first few days of her life we were told she might be blind or deaf. Her little Mommy said 'I want her God, however you choose to let me keep her. We will learn Braille or learn to sign or whatever we must do.' Today they couldn't complete her hearing test because she was TOO ACTIVE. Any noise made her frown and wiggle. Halleluiah! She works to wake when she is talked to and slowly opens her eyes and looks right at us.

Today when her Mommy and Grammy went to the hospital to see her they found a sign on her crib. The nurses had made it and all attending had signed it. She was able to take a full bottle sucking on it the whole time, for the first time. The sign was a type of a 'certificate of achievement'. If this keeps up they will remove the feeding tube in her tummy. The nurses were so proud.

Tonight she is getting her second 'bubble bath' . I laughed when they told me this one. Her respiratory therapist is coming in at bath time and blowing air in her bath water. The nurses say she loves it. (I wonder how they will keep that up at home.)

She has no extra fluid from the Hydrops, it is all gone. She weighs 4 lb, 2 oz. -- all her! The only thing left on her is a monitor taped to her foot. She is a mighty miracle we have all witnessed. In fact, one of the nurses told Emmie's Grammy that many people say they have a miracle baby, but you HAVE a miracle baby! (Thank you God, praise Your Holy name.)

She still has a hole in her heart that is not closing. God can take care of this need, too. We are praying for a complete healing in His name.

God bless each and every one of you."

Last night I spent time with Emmie's entire family (her Aunt is getting married tonight). Grammy and Mommy went to see Emmie yesterday and the nurses told them they needed to schedule to be at the hospital next Friday (July 25) to go through training to learn how to transition Emmie from the hopsital to going HOME! Since her due date was not until August 29, this came sooner than expected. They will let her go home when they feel she is stable.

Never under estimate the power of our Amighty God! He doesn't have favorites, so if you have a need, place it in His hands and let Him work His perfect plan for you.

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annie's eyes said...

Oh this sweet miracle baby blesses me so to see such a mighty work of God. I know each day is a gift, and their faith is encouraging many. I continue to pray and look forward to the day when you report that Emmie gets to come home. Love, Annette