Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Guess Who's Home!

We are rejoicing over God's BIG miracle by the name of tiny Emmie Shai! She was released from the NICU and hospital yesterday -- exactly one month early (her birth date was to be August 29)! The following are pictures of her homecoming.

Mommy, Emmie, Daddy & Big Brother

Emmie in her big car seat praisin' the Lord in her sleep!

(The family had to be trained how to secure her in the car seat.)

Ah ... home at last in my own bed!

The following is an email from Emmie's Grammy :

Dear Friends and Family:

We are Praising the Lord today!!! Emmie has been released from the hospital a month earlier than expected. She is doing really good. There are many guidelines for having her home but we are so excited to have her here.She will be seeing 3 different specialist: for the hole in heart, her liverfunction, and to make sure she doesn't have any eye problems. She came home on 3 medications and vitamins that she doesn't like.

She weighed 4 lbs and 10 oz today. She had gained 2 oz in the last day. We have gone through transitioning training and cpr training with the hospital and are feeling confident.

Please continue to pray that Emmie's remaining health issues will be resolved in the near future. God has worked such a miracle in healing her this far. There have been only 3 babies born with Emmie's rare condition of Hydrops in the Mercy NICU in the past 3 years and Emmie is the only one that has survived. We thank God for his healing power and mercy to us!

We want to thank all of you too for being so supportive and agreeing in prayer with us the past 7 weeks. You are all so special to us and we will have a book full of wonderful supportive emails to show Emmie when she gets old enough to understand.God bless you all!


I talked with Emmie's Grammy yesterday evening and she told me something I would like to pass along to you. One particular doctor that was on Emmie's case had said that Emmie would not survive. Before Emmie left the hospital yesterday, this doctor went to see Emmie. She sat at Emmie's bedside and stared at this tiny little miracle for quite sometime, shook her head ,then left the room without saying a word. I pray that this little life was such a LOUD WITNESS to this doctor and that she will come to know that prayer to the Almighty God Jehovah produces results and was the reason Emmie is alive today.

Thank you, my bloggy friends, for all the prayers. You and your prayers were part of the key to her being alive today.


Grammy and Olivia said...

Now that is a beautiful post--how exciting to have her home.

annie's eyes said...

I guess I never really got the concept of how very tiny she is until I saw that carseat! I am so happy for her family to have a little more normal life now. Praising Him. Love, Annette
PS I am really glad you are not a wimp. Now I know who to call when I need someone to tell someone else something. :)