Thursday, June 17, 2010

Treasure Hunt

During the summer months I am keeping the grandchildren on Thursdays. Today we went on a "Treasure Hunt". Breanna loves to do this so first thing this morning, before the temp began to soar, we left on the Hunt.

What I didn't get a picture of was our journey through a tree row and some tall grass. Here we stopped for a picture. I put Bryce in the wagon so he would not get so tired --'cause you know Grammie would end up carrying him after a while. :/

Bryce didn't want his picture taken.

We had drinks and snacks in the blue bag.

After about 30 minutes, Breanna was ready to ride in the wagon, too!

Grammie got her workout for the day!

All rested up and ready to hop out of the wagon and walk.

My son does photography and I found this awesome background
so I snapped a picture of the kids to show him.

We found this written in the cement.

We think "Kekaw" must have been another name for someone's "Grandpa".

We found cactus growing in some tall grass.

Here are some baby pears growing on a tree.
I told Brea that this was treasure that God left for us to find.

Apples, too!

Breanna found some leaves -- more treasures from God.

Oops, evidence of a mole!

. . . and an armadillo had been digging here!

Another leaf.

Then . . . .
we went into Breanna's "tree house". It's not up in a tree
it's in the trees.
Look what we found!!!!

This "treasure" was left for us by someone with the initials PAPA. :)
Breanna was so surprise and couldn't figure out why it was there or
who would have left it in her tree house.
I told her that we had just found some treasure!!!!
She's only found pretend treasure in the past so this was special.

What a special time it was with these two little sweethearts. They are so much fun. I wonder what adventure awaits us next week?


Cathy said...

What a fun time grandma and the pictures are so cute. I also love the picture in your header!

valerie said...

What a fun grandma you are Sherry!
I know these kids will always remember these fun times with you.
Heck, I'd like to go on a treasure hunt like this!

I think I'm gonna pass on the Ruth study. I'm just feeling a little overwhelmed with camp coming up and other things going on. I know I'll miss out, but feel like I'm making the right decision this time.

Maybe for real one day next week I can go into work later and come over and have brunch. What day would be good for you and I'll see if I can work it out?

Love ya,

LisaShaw said...

Oh what fun!!! They are so adorable! As a Grandma to two girls I know how precious our little ones are and the times we can be with them!!!

Blessings upon you and your family!