Friday, May 21, 2010

Scripture Memorization

I'm late in posting the scriptures that I am memorizing for the month of May. As I have shared before, I am memorizing the first chapter of the book of James. Here are the verses for May:

"And hose who are rich should boast that
God has humbled them.
They will fade away like a little
flower in the field.
The hot sun rises and and grass withers;
the little flower droops and falls
and it's beauty fades away.
In the same way, the rich will fade away
with all of their achievements.
God blesses those who
patiently endure testing and temptation.
Afterward they will rceive a crown of life
that God promised to those who love him."
James 1:10 - 12 NLT

I love the promises of God! I so enjoy memorizing scripture. God is so faithful to bring the memorized verses to mind when I need them. Last year I memorized Psalm 139, and I have been greatly surprized at how many times I have used it in sharing with others, in Bible study and in teaching my Sunday School class. God's Word never gets old, is never out-of-date and has the answers to life's questions. All we have to do is utilize it!


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valerie said...

I love memorizing God's Word too. It's amazing how the Scriptures will come to mind just when you need them.

I love your Scripture book. :)

It was great meeting today for lunch. What a blessing that we live so close. Thanks for always driving over here.

Have a great weekend.