Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Marketplace

This morning Hubs suggested that we have brunch at a newly opened restaurant in our tiny little town. They serve breakfast/brunch only and the hours of operation are 6:30 - 11:00 a.m. This place is very unique. As you walk up to the front door, it's your first clue that this is going to be a different experience -- again, considering we are in such a small town.

The restaurant used to be a warehouse and boasts a series of rooms. Each one has it's one style and personality. As you enter, you step into what feels like a coffee/soda shop in colors of red, black and white. It's very quaint and inviting. Walking through we found 3 more large rooms to explore. Along the way you can shop for decor items, baby items and other miscellaneous items.

I took some pictures to put on my blog to share this experience with you. The first one is the entrance. There's more to see than is in the picture. There's a ledge up at the top of the porch and there's decor with lights that look really cool.
This is the room where we ate. I'm standing beside a fountain which gives you an idea of how large everything is.

Here's close up of the fountain. It's made from a large stock tank with a smaller one inside.

A shot even a little closer. The sound of the trinkling water is so calming and restful.

Another shot of the room. There's actually two of the column units.

Here's another room. I took a quite picture on the way out. There were people eating nearby and so I didn't take very much time to get everything in the pic.

Many of the rooms have scripture verses on the them.
Here is an example of them.

Oh, yes. The food is absolutely great and inexpensive! I can definitely recommend The Marketplace! Hope you've had a wondeful evening!

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valerie said...

So when can we meet here for breakfast or brunch? :)

Looks really neat and interesting. I really would love to come over someday. There will be several days this summer when I won't go into work until noon.

Let's plan to do this one day soon, ok?

I'll come your way for a change. :)