Sunday, February 8, 2009

I've lost it!

No. . . . I haven't lost it mentally :) (Some days my husband might like to debate that with you.)

So what did I lose?
The pictures of our Bible study groups. :( For some reason, my card has been "dropping" pictures -- at various times. I have more than one card, so I guess I'll have to pitch the bad one.

This has been a crazy week. We are in the process of selling a house (about 2 hours away) and looking for another one to buy. This can be very time consuming but fun.

Also, I received a telephone call from a dear lady in our church (T) who is facing surgery very soon. She has a very large tumor on her ovary. Her husband remembers the doctor saying it was 15 cm. and she remembers him saying 13 cm. No matter which it is -- that's HUGE! (Remember, girlfriends, 10 cm is the measurement we are so desperately waiting for when we give birth.)

The doctor tells her that he believes it is malignant. I don't want to even go there. I gave her several scriptures to "stand on" and told her I would be praying that the doctors would be surprised when they tested the tumor during surgery and found it to be benign . There was some good news for her in the midst of this nightmare; her liver levels are normal; and the CA125 test results were normal. (That means if it is cancer, it has not spread.)

Thursday night, myself, another friend (C) and T met for dinner then we went to T's house to help her get it in order so that she could feel ready for surgery. There were still 2 rooms that needed attention, so I went back on Friday night and helped her finish up. Her entire family was coming on Saturday to celebrate her birthday. So, having a clean house made her feel much better. Especially since she's having some pain and nausea at times. So, please, if you would, pray for her and her family.

I go back to the doctor for my knee tomorrow. I had mentioned a few months ago that it was giving me trouble. I went to see a specialist in January. He have me a shot in the knee (BTW, that did not hurt.) I have some damaged cartilage but I also had 100 lbs. of luggage fall on the side/back of the knee coming home from vacation. Anyway, it's doing much better -- at least until I moved some furniture at T's house. It's a little swollen today. I will have to explain -- big time -- that it really is doing great! Do you think he will believe me?

I have no pictures of my adventurous week. (Even if I did take some, my card would have deleted them!)

However, my son emailed me this one from his phone this morning (during church - bad, bad, Grammie). They were playing in their playroom when he took this. Little B is sport'n his new wheels :) Big sister loves him so-o-o much! I thought it was CUTE! them so much!


Heather said...

I will be praying for both you and your friend and for God's grace and mercy on you both.

You have beautiful grandchildren!!

Keetha said...

Of COURSE our grandchildren are cute!!!!!!!!! None cuter.

(I just posted some pictures of mine on my blog a few minutes ago - - - I'm right there with ya!!!)

Lindsay said...

Praying that your week is full of His goodness, mercy & grace ... and a little extra time to just rest in His presence.


and that picture is too cute! :)

Lois Lane II said...

Precious picture! Praying for you and your friend!

valerie said...

I'll be keeping your friend "T" in my prayers and will be anxious to hear updates. That was really sweet of you and your friend to help her with her house.

I'm also anxious to hear what you found out about your knee.

Your grandkiddos are so cute!