Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A masterpiece ???!@#@#!!

Wow! I cannot believe that my last post was on February 1! Quite a bit has "passed under the bridge" over that past 23 days. I will spare you the details but I have been so busy and it has kept me away from my computer.

As I have shared with you before, I teach a young adult Sunday School class. Most weeks I try to prepare a morning snack type food to go along with our every-Sunday-morning -cup-of-coffee. Well, last Sunday morning I prepared a "Sock It To Me" cake. It is a sour cream cake with brown sugar, cinnamon and pecans in the center. I planned it to come out of the oven just before I left for class so that it would be nice and warm.

Everything seemed to be going well. . . however, I should have got a clue when the top of the cake began to brown extra quickly. This cake bakes for 1 hour -- so after 15 - 20 minutes had passed, I went to check on it and a bit of smoke was coming from the oven door -- just a little -- and it had the smell of almost burnt . . I opened the oven door and was shocked to see a dark, dark brown color on top of the cake! I placed aluminum foil over it to prevent it from browning any further - which didn't work this time :)

Finally, the 1 hour baking time was complete and the timer went off. I checked the cake for doneness and it seemed fine -- maybe a little moist, but it looked fully cooked. Since this was in a bundt pan, the blackened top would become the bottom, so I decided to cut off the burnt part before turning the cake out of the pan.

Here is the beautiful browned/blackened part I cut off.


And now the beautiful masterpiece I had to offer my class!

This was supposed to be a beautifully formed bundt shaped cake! I normally consider myself a fairly good cook -- so how in the world did this not test out as RAW BATTER?@#@!! The dark stuff is the pecans, cinnamon and brown sugar mixed with cake batter.

I quickly grabbed my phone to take pictures so the class would know that I tried to bring them something good to eat. Also -- I just happened . . to run into a few church board members on the way to class . . . with proof of the need for a new oven. :)

Guess what! We will be getting a NEW OVEN! The oven at the parsonage (church owned) has been there since the 1980's when the house was built! We have repaired it twice so we are not going to mess with it any more.

I would love to hear your recommedations as to brand, type, etc and your experience with ovens. I am going to measure and see if we can put in double ovens -- badly needed in a parsonage! I look forward to hearing your comments -- that is -- if you are still out there reading this blog :)

Love, Sherry


Faye said...

Oh Sherry, I have missed you so much!Hope you have a blessed week! Love, Faye

Just Call Me Grammy said...

YaY for a new oven. I know how long it takes to get something like that when you live in a parsonage ;o) I don't have any recomendations, but hope you get the double oven, it would help alot!

valerie said...

You're such a wonderful teacher and just a wonderful person all the way around. Your Sunday School class and Bible study members are so fortunate to have you for their teacher/leader.
The cake looked delicious!
I really don't have a recommendation for an oven either. I'm just glad you get a new one.
We'll get together soon when things settle down a little.
Love ya!

Sit A Spell said...

Oh my goodness. My oven in Michigan was doing this to my baked goods! It was a double oven, which I loved, but old. I love the gas oven in our Florida home. (Yes, we have moved to Fl to join our family back together.) No, our MI home was not sold. However, looks like we have a buyer! God is faithful and brought us a buyer in this awful economy. I'm trying not to fuss that we are selling for HALF price.
"Do all things w/o..." (Just as I'm sure you did when your cake went flop ; )

I am thrilled that y'all will get a new oven. I'm not sure of the make...let me go look. Funny enough, it's Whirlpool!

My FIL is a pastor so I know how exciting this is for y'all. Just in recent yrs they have bought their own home.

Cathy said...

I'm still here and reading. Just a little slow getting here sometimes. The picture is so funny. But sorry, I am no help as what kind of oven to pick.

Lynn said...

I just came to your blog from the LPM blog and want to say your post made me smile! Not because the cake cratered but because you took pictures to share instead! It sounds like it would be delicious.