Saturday, January 30, 2010

Siesta Scripture Memory Team Celebration Part 2

Day two began with the alarms on our phones going off early! We had an exciting day ahead of us and we didn't want to miss one minute of it!

Having some fun with the camera while getting ready for our big day!
We met Beth from Louisiana (next to me) and Yolanda from Kansas for breakfast then we were off to the church again for an awesome morning of praise, teaching and saying our scriptures that we had been working so hard to memorize over the last 12 months!

Self portrait.
I decided that I would try to take a picture of my tee-shirt. Obviously my arm was not quite long enough to get very much of it but I did get the emblem in the picture. =)

We met "Snowgirl" (Cheryl) from Austin the first night and she sat with us. She traveled alone to the celebration so we saved her a seat for Saturday morning's service. She said her scriptures to us and did very well. We enjoyed meeting her!
Beth finished her teaching on Psalm 119, which has 176 verses!!! (I remembered, Beth.)
Then it was time to separate into pairs or groups to say our verses.
In this picture I am saying my chapter, Psalm 139.
Valerie followed my progress in my spiral and monitored my accuracy.
I did the same for her.

We did it!
We said all 24 verses . . . . perfectly!
We both memorized Psalm 139 but in different translations.
My goal was to say it word-for-word and smoothly.
God so graciously honored my request!

A quick snapshot in front of the SSMTC banner.

After the final session was over, we went into the sanctuary and took pictures on the platform where so many of Beth's Bible studies have been videoed. We were told that the wood in the cross behind us is believed to be over 200 years old!

As we were leaving, we walked into the foyer and found that Beth was taking pictures with the
Siestas (bless her sweet ). We were fortunate to get in line and get a picture with her.
(What I have in my hand is a door prize that I won -- "Wising Up - Set 1". )

When we walked back into the hotel, we stopped to get a cup of coffee. A friendly voice said hello to us from the breakfast room. We walked over and greeted two sweet ladies and had a nice conversation with Margie and Karina whom we had never met before. We ended up going to lunch with them and Margie's husband, Larry, willing became our driver. We became fast friends and so enjoyed our time together. We made arrangements to meet for church the next morning. They are three people that I will not forget.

We attended the early service at Houston's First Baptist church with Margie and Larry.
It's always a special treat for me to visit another church since my honey is a Senior Pastor :)
After service we drove back to the hotel where Joaquin, our driver, was waiting to take us to the airport. Our entire schedule went smoothly. What a beautiful day it was to fly! We arrived at the airport in plenty of time, checked in, bought a Houston Starbucks mug, had lunch and then only had to wait about 15 -20 minutes until it was time to board the plane. The flight was smooth and quick.

I am so thankful that I was able to attend this awesome event! Valerie was the best travel friend ever! What fun we had talking, laughing, reciting our chapter to each to each other -- over and over, taking pictures, just hang'n out and getting to know each other better. Thanks for asking me to travel with you! Love you sweet friend. :)

Beth, Travis and the Living Proof Staff did an excellent job of making us feel welcome and so loved. They went out of their way to provide this free event for the Siestas! "Thank you" doesn't really cover it. God bless you all!

Thanks to my sweet hubs for allowing me to skip out from teaching my Sunday School class and our own church services to experience this awesome weekend! You're the best and I love you, too!

Mostly, thank you for my heavenly Father for all His provisions in making this possible -- and for meeting with us and watching over us each step of the way!



Cathy said...

Sherry it sounds like you had a perfectly wonderful time. You're now sort of a celebrity to me. You've had your picture with Sarah Palin, Travis Cottrell and now Beth Moore! Wow!

I'm so glad you had a great time and met all those sweet people and thanks for sharing it here with us.

Patty said...

I am so happy I got to meet you in person!!

valerie said...

It was SO wonderful!
I was so blessed to have you for a traveling partner.
We had such a great time, didn't we?

I love all the pictures! I'll never forget this trip.

Love ya,

Margie said...

What a treat to revisit our time with you, through your eyes, on the blog.
I have to tell you that we passed Shawnee on Thursday as we were fleeing from the storm, having spent 2 nights in Norman with family. The ice was already coming down and we said a little prayer for your safety in the storm.
What a treat to meet you and Valerie. And what a special memory it is.
May God continue to shower His blessings on you.

PS The mug is just perfect. What a sweet remembrance!

Holly said...

Hey Sherry!!! I am Holly - friend that sat behind you at the SMT on Fri night with path from the head to the heart :) (aka Chrystie) after this amazing event i thought it would be tragic to loose touch with y'all so i started my own blog ;) just wanted you and Valerie to see your pic we took on fri, loved the pics of the snow!! being from WV, there are times i do miss it ;)
God Bless!