Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just got off the Ark . . .

Hi everyone! We are in Branson, MO with our Grand daughter on our "Annual Grandchild/Grandparent Trip". We just returned from the Noah production. If you have not been priviledged to see this, you're missing out on an awesome message.
Our little 5-year-old grand daughter was greatly impacted by the message. She was full of questions allllllll the way through the play. She came away realizing that we must all make choices for ourselves and that our choices are very important.
The productions ends with an awesome Salvation message with an invitation for Salvation or prayer for any need you may have! It's that awesome?
I have started working our another vacation post, but let me confess that I dislike uploading multiple pictures. Does anyone have any tips (besides a slide show) on how to do it quickly?
Tomorrow we are off to Silver Dollar City for some fun!
Til later,


TCKK said...

Have fun!

Grammy and Olivia said...

My parents saw this and loved it! Sounds like a great grandparent/kid trip!