Sunday, July 12, 2009

Some Awesome News!

I am so thrilled to tell you that I received the results of the MRI on my knee. I do not need to have surgery! There is damage to the cartilage on the inside of the meniscus (the cartilage under the knee cap). He said that it did not merit surgery and if I keep on taking care of it as I have, the need of arthroscopic surgery could be as far out at 10 years! (Sorry, this next stuff if kind of gross.) He drain a lot of fluid off the knee and put in another cortisone shot in it and I don't need to return until January 2010!
God is so good to allow all the events that led of up this so that I would not damage my knee any further. I am not allowed to kneel or squat (ever again), but I can live with that!
I am in the projectionist booth at church right now and service as begun . . so. . . I need to stop for now.
Have a wonderful Sunday evening!



valerie said...

Yay! That is great news Sherry!!

I'm so thankful to hear how God has taken care of your knee.

"Rachel" said...

Praise God for no surgery!!!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Great news...who has time to be incapacitated!!??

Much love Sherry!

moses said...

God is good all the time!!!

TCKK said...

Awesome new Sherry!! I'm so happy for you.-Cathy

Lois Lane II said...

Yea!!! Oh, I'm so glad to hear that!!!

Misty said...

So good to hear! (I'm glad that you apparently don't see the doc that my MIL did when she hurt her knee...he LITERALLY told her - she's mid-50's - that she didn't need to worry about surgery. You know, since it wasn't like she was going to be HIKING or anything at HER age...which is EXACTLY what she was doing when she hurt it!) Speaking of my MIL, she's got a lot of minor health problems that have plagued her for many years with no diagnosis at all for any of them - therefore she has a VERY MAJOR issue with depression at this point. Please be in prayer for her...she is such an amazing woman and she is so sad. Thank you so much for lifting her up...her name is Mary, btw. :)

Carol said...

What a wonderful praise report, Sherry, I know you're so thrilled!


annie's eyes said...

I'm just catching up with you, and was glad to read this good news. It's hard not to kneel or squat teaching the children I imagine, but you'll learn ways you can get around that I imagine. Hope all is smoothing out at your house. Love, Annette